Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Those who ignore the past.....

Think of it as a reboot, or "The Reboot"...

Yes, That is a pipe
So what can I say. If I were actually write about my life, it would not be believable, and as very correctly wrote in a different context, people are not interested in non famous persons biographies. I need for people to read my posts, or what I am doing is mental masturbation.
I thought of writing it as fiction, but again, no one would believe all this garbage happening to one person.
At the moment, I seem to have control, <crosses fingers> of my depression, although lack of a therapist (thanks CHD and Morgana!) as a backstop is a bad idea.
I don't have control of the pain, but am able to deal with it as long as I don't trip, fall, over-exert, <wishes he knew where the line is> carry weights, split wood or don't stay wrapped in bubble wrap.
What I will assure the dear readers, is that every word is the truth as I perceived it, I am not delusional (I think), and my descriptions are as accurate as I can make them.

When I stupidly keep trying even after every entity has proven to there satisfaction that I have lost, just remember I was and am a Bernie supporter. Hey if the xtians can claim there delusion is truth, certainly my accounts of experiences should have vastly more credence, Nu?

I guess what I am saying is that I will be posting here every day, health and abilities permitting. I have some stuff to talk about, and while I will try to make you smile, it might not work.

I think I need to apologize to some folks, although really I don't remember doing anything wrong, obviously I have wronged these people in some way. You might want to skip those parts if you don't like that sort of stuff.

Monday, March 25, 2013

planning for a reboot...

Chances are, you are here reading this, because you are either a friend, or someone who thinks very little of me. I have asked for comments from both sides of the aisle, in the hopes of maximizing perspective.
Obviously what I have been doing for the past 4 years hasn't been working, and now that I have hit rock bottom, at least in the physical and financial sense, I see no other way to deal with the situation other than a reboot of my life.
I will start this post off with my resume, and will be adding other documents to this post over the course of the day. Please note on the skills portion of the resume, yellow highlighting marks activities that I can no longer physically perform, Orange fields in which my skills are seriously outdated.

The resume:
Cell: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charles Patenaude

9/2010–5/2012 Energy Images Brattleboro, VT
Chief Engineer
Design and installation of sustainable heating, cooling and electrical
Design and implement sustainable practices for farms, residences, and
Planned and implemented procedures to recover $50 Million of sustainable
energy equipment located in 28 states for convoy solutions, LLC,
including logistics and storage and training of recovery personnel.

9/2004–12/2008 Hilltown Alternative Energy Shelburne Falls, MA
Sales and installation of Biomass Furnaces, Wind Turbines and Solar
Design and installation of sustainable heating, cooling and electrical
Design and implement sustainable practices for farms, residences, and

3/2002-present No Snivilin Farm Shelburne Falls, MA
Design and construction of barn and dairy for goats and sheep.
Design, Construction and outfitting of licensed creamery including pasteurization.
Design and construction of central boiler heating system for farm.
Routine maintenance and repair for small farm.

5/2003–3/2004 Mobile-Wisdom Wakefield, MA
Senior Engineer
Coding and Architecture responsibility for Database and Server
Components (primary system logic).
Maintenance of existing and new installations.
Hardware and Software System architecture and cluster design.
Project planning for database application components.
LINUX and Database administration

10/2000–5/2003 Comverse Wakefield, MA
Senior Database Engineer
Coding and Architecture responsibility for Database and Server
Components (primary system logic).
Project planning for database application components.
9/1999–9/2000 NSF Consulting Groton, MA

President and Principle Consultant
Oracle 7 and 8 installation and integration on Linux,HPUX,NT and Solaris.
System and application implementation and integration including Oracle
applications and Oracle MTS.
Systems/network architecture for all platforms.

11/1997–8/1999 Workgroup solutions Burlington, MA
Technical consultant/principle Oracle DBA
HPUX and Solaris system administration installation and configuration.
HP and Sun Server installation configuration and administration.
Oracle 7 and 8 installation, upgrades and integration on HPUX, NT,IRIX
and Solaris systems.

9/1996–10/1997 Genetics Institute Andover, MA
Senior analyst QSIT/Oracle DBA and design
Validation of computer related systems: quality control laboratory
information management system, quality systems document
management system.
Primary Unix system administrator.
Project manager for design phase of laboratory automation project.
Project manager for Documentum integration project

10/1994–9/1996 Genetics Institute Cambridge, MA
Senior Associate scientist/Oracle DBA and Unix Sysadmin
Human scale robotics programming, design and customization.
Oracle tables/tablespace design and implementation on VMS.
Assay design and optimization for novel drug screening.

6/1991–10/1994 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
Research technologist/department of neurology
Managed research laboratory.
Research on the role of native neuro-transmitters in ischemic injury.
Equipment and system design to accomplish the above research.
Extensive tissue culture and immunology work.

6/1991–10/1994 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
Electronics technician/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Extensive small and Micro scale machining of plastics and metals.
Electronic design work, analog and digital circuitry.
Equipment and system design to support researchers.

1/1988 – 6/1991 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
Research technologist/renal unit and Joey O'Donnell cystic
fibrosis center
Research on regulation of sodium transport proteins and kidney.
Research on chloride transport defects in cystic fibrosis.
Research on calcium soliton propagation in a protein matrix.
Managed research laboratory.
Radiation safety officer for laboratory.

11/1985 – 1/1988 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
Research technician/cell and molecular Research Laboratory
Assisted in research on the isolation and characterization of adrenergic
Radiation safety officer for laboratory.

Education 12/1985 State University of New York Geneseo, NY
Bachelor of science, Biochemistry

References and
Available upon request.

Cell: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charles Patenaude
Expert Level
Design and implementation of sustainable energy solutions for industry and
small scale agriculture.


Construction and Agriculture
· Heating System Design for Sustainable Systems
· Biomass, Wind, and Solar system design and integration
· Post and Beam Construction
· Electrical Work through Commercial grade (unlicensed)
· Plumbing Work through Commercial grade (unlicensed)
· Heating Work through Commercial grade (unlicensed)

· All basic wet bench techniques in Biochemistry
· Assay Development and Validation
· Environmental Survey and Sampling
· Microbiology lab skills

Rapid Application Clustering (Linux and UNIX)
Oracle Application Server (including XML/HTML Services)
Oracle Developer and Designer
8i and 9i systems (all platforms)
PL-SQL Development
File system
All Major Commercial Packages (Apache, Samba, RCM)
Hardware Architectures
Large scale, Clusters, and High Availability System Design
AMD, SUN, HP, Intel
Programs and packages
Open Office
Microsoft programs
Windows NT through windows 7

  • Very well read in Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Engineering and Related Fields.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OK, It's Greenhouse Time

What is the “Net Zero Greenhouse”:

Quite simply the net zero greenhouse project (hence forth referred to as NZG) is a development framework for a class of structure designed to operate (ie grow food), or act as a adjunct to a micro, subterranean,  housing space located largely within the earth berm backing. As a development framework There is a lack of specificity in definition of building materials, as it is envisioned that they will vary from location to location, based on availability and price, with a careful eye towards meeting the design characteristics of the framework, such as heat retention and structural strength. For instance, the back walls structure in the above sketch is portrayed as silage bunker sections, as it was envisioned for an area with a large number of defunct dairy farms.In New England, the preferred approach would probably be a "box of rocks" system similar to that currently used in retaining walls. The front wall is portrayed as used “jersey barriers”, as these are readily available across the US, and are usually quite cheap and easy to work with. Please note, the earth berms are not shown in this image, for reasons of clarity, but are important for heat retention and insulation. Essential elements include, but are not limited to specific heat characteristics of the rear wall, the various face angles and geometries (as specified for a specific latitude), insulating characteristics of the facing materials, and the design of the overhang, which functions as both a reflector to increase#insolation during the winter, and a solar chimney during the summer. All of these initial specifications will be released and published as time allows me, but the initial concept is being published at this time for feedback, and to allow others to extend the concept. The original prototype structure was envisioned for southern NY state, but loss of backing and health issues preclude me constructing it there, or on my farm in Massachusetts.

Now with the hashtags I forgot... #solarenergy   #solar   #greenhouse  #greenhomes   #creativecommons   #opensource  #